Friday, April 4, 2008

iPod Cento II

Far away
and fingers -- those
teardrops in my eyes. Uh-
uh. Why don't you melt
your heart again in my hand?

I know it's going
to feel like ice. In this charming
car, listening to the rain, the blue,
blue, blue sky felt

like you did then. So
fast it's real -- so
scientific it makes
no difference.

Same writing process as yesterday. Sources:
• Televison. "Marquee Moon."
• The Smiths. "This Charming Man."
• JYL. "Computer Love."
• The Monkees. "Take a Giant Step."
• Ronettes. "The Best Part of Breaking Up."
• Glass Candy. "Covered in Bugs."
• Pino Donaggio. "Someone Like Me."

Thursday, April 3, 2008

iPod Cento I

fffp — straight to gravitation. Straight
to "pulls you down" like nothing
's between my bones + skin. Oh
! It is so quick,
my heart — every beep, beep, beep,
beep, beep, beep, beep to the bottom
of the sea. Beep beep beep — can't you
see what I've seen? Do you see
what I see? Look in my eyes, night
and day with the force of lunar
gravity stopped my heart
and soul so soft and shaking my
name and I know.

An aleatory cento (the first of many) composed of lines and phrases from songs played by my iPod's shuffle function on the commute home from work. Material comes from:
• The Zombies. "Nothing's Changed"
• von LMO. "Outside of Time"
• The Velvet Underground. "I Heard Her Call My Name"
• Television. "Venus"
• Sam Cooke. "Cupid"
• Norman Greenbaum. "Spirit in the Sky"
• Love. "Andmoreagain"
• The Delfonics. "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time"
• Silicon Teens. "You Really Got Me"
• Black Mountain. "Faulty Times"
• The Seeds. "Pushin' Too Hard"
• Scott Walker. "Mathilde"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Songs mean a lot (iii)


I’m gonna boy with
the steeples, graceful
to the only and ’til it
rests I try in a ways. To hear

shake lineament stars. I’m
a late the roof. Just you, so
only so nearly, so roving – I

chew and I’m empty, lose
the diamond completely.

Songs mean a lot


All in the bin: a hum
steed, a trouble mumbler
hour. On ten on
your on topster, stop. So
stop and I fled you. Sling

o’ the feat feath-
er thing, her finger
meal. Firing fly my
back there. There

rain, here sing there
sees the old thing, the nylon
let them, the spools or loose.


If I please
plank, if I risk, if
I sow the deep
and dangled. How
& if I coo &
how & sweet. To

been sold the ven-
eer, the moon and rivers’
rivers drop. In fits
and steps in line – no
reels, nor feelers’ fails.

I'm getting a late start on the NaPoWriMo experience this time out. Oh well -- only missed it by a little bit. Count this for yesterday.

These come from a new serial thing I've been readying to begin for a couple of weeks, derived from the lyrics of Pavement songs, mostly from their first two albums and a couple of early EPs.